Dusty and bubbles…

Dusty Bunny

Dusty Bunny

Over Thanksgiving weekend I was able to take a few pictures of Dusty, and Bubbles. They are now the size of a small dog. I’m not talking about a Yorkies or a Chihuahuas, I’m talking a Bichons or a small Cocker Spaniel. These bunnies are big!
What about their ears?

Bubbles 6 months old

Bubbles 6 months old

While their noses are soft and warm, their ears are soft and velvety.  So soft they make you want to curl up with them, and take a nap.  No wonder kids love to have a stuffed bunny to hold on to when they are little!

Now that the  bunnies are bigger, they aren’t so cuddly, but they do stop, and let you scratch behind their ears. When you scratch  their ears,  they close their eyes, and you can almost hear them purr.

Bubbles 6 months old

Bubbles 6 months old

While dusty is about three or four months older, Bubbles is only six months old, and will grow another six to ten months before she is full-grown.  she still isn’t quite as big as dusty though.
I have actually seen Giant Flemish Rabbits that were forty or more pounds. Can you even imagine?

Thank you for hopping by to check Dusty and Bubbles out,  see you soon…..

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