Crush Was A Big Success



Thanksgiving Day the family gathered not just in gratitude for being able to pull the entire family together (it’s rare we can get the entire family together at one time), but grateful for out health, jobs, and good fortune.  We have three performers in our family, and with the schedules of all the rest of us, it’s just difficult sometimes.

Crush the little Gecko without a tail.

Crush the little Gecko without a tail.

On this day we were also checking our Sages new, little geckos.  Crush, the gecko without a tail seemed like he was doing pretty well. He was all over the terrarium, and very kicked back.  While Megan seemed to want to hide and sleep.  So that’s what we let her do.  Nobody wants two geckos without tails!

Nolan's first time with a gecko

Nolan’s first time with a gecko

After all the kids Oooed, and Aaaad at them both, Sage took Crush out of his glass home so we could see him better.

Sage with Crush

Sage with Crush

Crush and Megan are Orange Crested Geckos, and this species looses their tails when they are stressed.  Unfortunately they never grow them back like other species do.

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