Sante Fe, New Mexico


After a long train ride from Oceanside train station, to Sante Fe, New Mexico we are now here!  I can’t tell you how much fun it was talking to new people, and getting to know some very interesting characters!    This time the people were all over the map in terms of background,  looks, etc.  From a railroad man to drifter, Sante Fe great-grandmother artist, to strange hippy couple.    I was in seventh heaven, I love new people! I hope and pray I can remember the faces so I can sketch them.

Sante Fe weather is fabulous! While everyone at home in California is sizzling from heat, it is mild – warm with a little breeze, and jam-packed with creative energy. The clouds are unbelievable….they actually look like they are out of one of Cathy Carey’s  paintings!  OMGosh, I’m so excited to be here, & today starts the first day of our week-long workshop.

Last night all of the artists, and a couple of husbands, had a little cocktail party so we could get to know each other.  I must say there only four of us taking this class, and that makes for a really great week.  Everyone was so nice, and from such diverse art backgrounds.   I wish all of you could be here to experience this incredible place with us!

It’s 8am and we are heading out for a little breakfast before the 9am workshop starts.  Have a fabulous day, I know I will!

I love that you have stopped to read my blog, thank you.  I hope you enjoy….

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