Under the Russian Sky

Full Moon on the Russian Sea

Full Moon on the Russian Sea

After our ship left Finland, we cruised all night to get to St Petersburg Russia.  During the night I awoke to a  cabin filled with moonlight.  As I got up to investigate, I realized this in part was because we had been leaving the sliding door to our balcony open all the night for fresh sea air, and because we had a full moon!  I was so in awe when I realized the beauty of this  full moon on the Baltic Sea of glass, that I quickly  scrambled for my iPhone to take a picture.

Admittedly, you had to be there, but I thought it was so beautiful.  So much so that, I had to hold myself back from waking up my husband just to  show him.  Isn’t this breathtaking?

Our entire cruise was like this, barely a ripple on the Sea, so much so that my husband, Les didn’t even wear his sea-sick patches, or his wrist bands the last day as our ship was cruising back to Stockholm.  This was our fourth cruise, and the most calm sailing of all four.

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