Day Nine: A Day in the Park

Day Nine:  A Day in the Park

The sky is blue, not a cloud around, a soft breeze is teasing the leaves on the trees like a feather on bare skin.  There couldn’t be a more perfect day!

Hello, my name is Bleau, and I’m the Blue Bird of Happiness!  I fly from tree to tree, lawn to lawn foraging for worms, and little bugs.  All is well in my world today, my family has been fed, the wife and little peeps are taking their naps, and you can tell I’m happy by the way I chirp.


On a branch off to the side,  in the back way…out-of-the-way in a rather shaded quiet place, is an old dark furry caterpillar.

“Humph!”  Says this furry creature.  “This is hopeless, why do I even try?  I’m definitely not feeling it today!  It’s cold, windy, dreary, noisy, cloudy, and gray.  I haven’t any friends, absolutely no energy, my mind is foggy, I need a facelift, I could use a new lipstick, and the only thing I get called is, Yuck!  What’s the point of living?”  gag gag gag

Well Hello there…..

Some people call me Flutterby because, well…I flutter by!  I’m a very large, and most beautiful Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly.  I love nothing more than a warm sunny day in the park, where all around me are wonderful places to sit, and rest.  There is even a pond in this park for me to drink from and shade for me to get out of the sun if I need to.  When it gets really hot like today, without any breeze, it makes it hard to flutter around.  I need to rest in the shade, and drink from the pond more frequently.

A Most Beautiful Tiger Swallowtail!

A Most Beautiful Tiger Swallowtail!

Many times the children want to play games with me, so I fly around while the children chase me with nets.  They laugh, and scream with excitement, while I dodge, and dart all around the lawn.  They think I’m the most beautiful  girlie butterfly they have ever seen!

So far….I have won the game!

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