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Change Your Life!


Many years ago when I wasn’t so happy, in fact I was miserable, I knew something had to change. My life was not going the way I wanted it to go, and I was getting nippy, and nasty. I didn’t like my job, or anything else around me, I didn’t even life myself. I did however love my kids, and looking back I think part of my misery was that I wanted a better life for my kids, and myself.

Believe me, it took a lot of serious talks with myself before I came to a life altering conclusion. It wasn’t going to be easy, but then nothing worth doing is easy. I felt I was out on a limb that was about to break, and it was hanging over a very deep canyon.

Happiness is being with nature!

Somehow I found myself in the possession of a small paperback book. How I got it I haven’t any idea, but it literally changed my life!

The book, if I can remember correcttly was, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life by Eric Pace. I should have a copy in my library, but I must have loaned it to someone who needed to read it. I now have learned if you think you are loaning a book, you are really giving it away. Few of the books I’ve loaned have found their way back home.

Happiness is giving a kiss to a tiny lizard!

This book taught me how to switch my negative thoughts, to positive thoughts. Yes! It doesn’t happen oven night! I was extremely negative, and unhappy beyond words. As I said things had to change.

On day when I was just finishing my house cleaning. My husband came walking into the kitchen with “great news!” So I patiently sat down at the counter, and was gifted with a story he couldn’t wait to tell me.

He told me of this wonderful waitress he had met, and started dating. Because I was such a great wife, understanding, and easy going, he decided against all the warnings his friends had, to tell me about her, and he did! He described her, her personality, and how much I would like her. Really, I’d like her? Actually I loved her, she just saved my life!

This was my golden opportunity…literally. After trying to figure out how my life could be happier, my sweet, dear husband figured it out for me. Some husbands work in misterious ways, don’t they?

Happiness is getting donuts just because!

So my husband, and this little book gave me the courage to change my life. In the process and because of my thoughtful husband at the time I was able to pull my life together, get my feet under me, and start a new life. In the process I was borrowing a car, furniture, and anything else I could find to put my new condo together with my three kids. Fortunately, my boys were in San Dugito Hi School, but my daughter was in Middle School. The boys were self sufficient, and I didn’t have to worry to much about them. But my daughter, I had to be much more protective in the next few years with me. It all turned out alright, with ups and downs here and there, but who doesn’t have those raising kids.

Back to the book…

Each time I had a bad thought, I’d struggle to find a positive was of thinking about it. Sometimes I had to really think to find that tidbit of positivity, but adventually it started to come naturally, and today I find myself with few negative thoughts. I catch myself, and tell myself I can’t do that and be happy. You may think it sounds cheesy, and unobtainable, but it isn’t. I truly appreciate, and love all people. That doesn’t mean I like them, but I see the good in everyone, even if they are not so good. Sometimes good people make bad choices, and sometimes people are bad to the bone. But within each of them is a little spark of goodness they probably don’t even know is there.

Happiness is being by the lake!

I’m not a Saint, nor do I want to be one. I’m just trying to be the best human being I can be!

Thank you for stopping to read Karen’s Stone Soup. I promised a mix of ideas and thoughts when I started this blog, and I’m being true to my word.

Day Nine: A Day in the Park

Day Nine:  A Day in the Park

The sky is blue, not a cloud around, a soft breeze is teasing the leaves on the trees like a feather on bare skin.  There couldn’t be a more perfect day!

Hello, my name is Bleau, and I’m the Blue Bird of Happiness!  I fly from tree to tree, lawn to lawn foraging for worms, and little bugs.  All is well in my world today, my family has been fed, the wife and little peeps are taking their naps, and you can tell I’m happy by the way I chirp.


On a branch off to the side,  in the back way…out-of-the-way in a rather shaded quiet place, is an old dark furry caterpillar.

“Humph!”  Says this furry creature.  “This is hopeless, why do I even try?  I’m definitely not feeling it today!  It’s cold, windy, dreary, noisy, cloudy, and gray.  I haven’t any friends, absolutely no energy, my mind is foggy, I need a facelift, I could use a new lipstick, and the only thing I get called is, Yuck!  What’s the point of living?”  gag gag gag

Well Hello there…..

Some people call me Flutterby because, well…I flutter by!  I’m a very large, and most beautiful Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly.  I love nothing more than a warm sunny day in the park, where all around me are wonderful places to sit, and rest.  There is even a pond in this park for me to drink from and shade for me to get out of the sun if I need to.  When it gets really hot like today, without any breeze, it makes it hard to flutter around.  I need to rest in the shade, and drink from the pond more frequently.

A Most Beautiful Tiger Swallowtail!

A Most Beautiful Tiger Swallowtail!

Many times the children want to play games with me, so I fly around while the children chase me with nets.  They laugh, and scream with excitement, while I dodge, and dart all around the lawn.  They think I’m the most beautiful  girlie butterfly they have ever seen!

So far….I have won the game!