Day Four: The Attack of the Cereal Killers

Day Four: The Attack of the Cereal Killers

How often do you do your grocery shopping?  Each day, once a week, twice a month…….

In years past when I had a big family, I would drive my car to the grocery store on a Saturday, sometimes I’d take one of the kids, and sometimes all three of the kids.  That would be a wicked, crazy day with all three.  Since my tribe consisted of two boys and a girl, my grocery cart was always needing to be filled. My pay-day was twice a month, so that’s when I did grocery shopping—-twice a month!

This particular Saturday I was able to escape to the local Alpha Beta Grocery store …..Alone

So off I went, feeling like I had fled the country incognito.   By the time I was finished, an hour had passed,  I was over it, and as I stood in line to check out, for the first time everyone else’s  kids were starting to get rowdy!

 Neener-Neener!  I got away without mine!

I had two carts filled to the brim with meat, vegetables, fruit, popsicles, Ding Dongs,  Twinkies, toothpaste, Cheerios, Captain Crunch, Fruit Loops, and much more before finally making it to check-out.  After checking out, carts loaded the box-boy helped me to my car.  I had parked way out so I didn’t get my Shiny Red Porsche dinged, so it was a little bit of a walk.  I pushing one cart, the box boy pushing the other!

Why were his eyes Bulging?

“Lady,”  he said!  “You can’t get all these groceries in this car!!!  Needless to say, he was panicked, and was very insistent.

“Sure I Can it’s a 924, there’s plenty of room!”  I replied,  “watch”.…..  I stayed quite calm given his insistence, and having done it before.

Can anyone pack anything like a woman with determination?  I don’t think so…..  As we started to unload the groceries, I had to agree, if we had packed the car like he would have packed the car I probably wouldn’t have been able to unload one full cart.   However,  it became quite clear very quickly that this box-boy needed a lesson in packing!  I won’t go into any more detail, but when we were finished unloading both baskets, he stood there amazed, and in awe!!!

Did you doubt me too?

As he was gathering up the carts, I hopped into my shiny red car, and off I went!

Upon returning home, my kids had given up on whatever they were doing when I escaped, and rushed to the car with heads stuck in the window while running along side  the car as I drove up the long driveway.  I’m sure they thought they were starving, but they never got faint, stopped talking, nor did the lack of food hinder them from  running to the car as I drove in with two weeks worth of groceries!

Those of you who have more than one child will relate to the kids gathering like ants, grabbing at chips, Ding Dongs, and anything sweet like ants on honey.  If I allowed them to eat something just to get them out-of-the-way, they would quickly devour it before their brother or sister got it, and try to go on to the next goodie.  Sharing wasn’t  in their makeup!   It was almost like a  competition–who would get to, and eat the most, the quickest!

You can imagine how much they loved me when I called a halt to all this gluttony.  In the meantime my three little, or not so little “Cereal Killers” attacked all the cereal, Fruit Loops,  Cheerios, Ding Dongs, and everything else they could get their hands on before I was able to corral them.  

They were, and remain my assassins of everything yummy!



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