Thursdays – Sketch Day


Many of you know that on Thursdays I participate in a  little art challenge called Time Out for Art.  The blog that hosts the challenge is called “Zebra Designs& Destinations!”  I love this site, and find so much inspiration there that I’d love all of you to check it out. This Thursday I am posting this little sketch for the challenge of today!

Last week my husband surprised me with a new chime for our garden.  It really was a surprise because we have a chime, actually several, and I love hearing them when the breeze comes up, or when we’re just spending time in the yard.  This one is triangular, and not like my other chimes!  I loved it so much when I heard the sound because it reminded me of the chimes that were in the monastery down in Mexico.

My sketch is the first in this new journal I just opened.  Something must be wrong with me, I keep buying journals for every occasion. this journal is the first I have ever purchased that has handmade watercolor paper in it.   You know what, I think I really love the look and feel of the paper.   So now I’m in the process of dressing up the front of the journal….Karen style!   I do fill them up, however I have more that need filling than are full!  What’s that all about?

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  1. oh i’m having hand-made paper envy! you are surely smiling – to have such a great surprise gift, and to have a new journal that’s begging for a voice through your pens/pencils/paints and imagination..

    as always, thanks for your kind words!



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