Grandkids With Paintings


The minute I started reading this blog I liked it, & wanted to reblog it! It reminds me so much of myself, always thinking of my grandchildren, & what would make them happy. I get a great deal of joy sharing my artwork with my G-kids, & I can see John & Mary do also! I hope you enjoy…

Living It Up in Ecuador

All of you who have been following our blog post for the last several months know that Mary has been very busy preparing special paintings for each of our grandchildren.  This meant that she tasked herself with painting twenty-six different pictures!  Her job was made more complex as she wanted each picture to be different and unique to suit each child.

So… Over six months ago we started asking the kids what their favorite color was and what was their favorite ocean creature.  We got creative color answers like, “rainbow colors”, “neon colors” and simply “blue” and the animals ranged from, “goldfish crackers” to “whale sharks.”  Our grandson that requested the whale shark had just completed a school report on the animal and proceeded to tell us many interesting facts about the whale shark.  But I thought his most interesting comment demonstrated the new generation of learners when he said, “If you want to know what it…

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