Time Out for Art!

A Gourd full of Succulents

A Gourd full of Succulents

Last week one of the challenges that was given to the Blogging 101 class, was to join a blogging event of our choice, and participate in this group.  After searching through all the different events, I chose to join “Time out for Art!  I liked the idea, and after emailing the Leader of the Pack, I liked her, and the event even more.

You can find more about the Blog I’m following here at “Zebra Designs & Destinations!”

Today I’m posting a little sketch that I did while visiting with friends I hadn’t seen in years.  In it is a bit of  zentangle,, and a little creative thinking, and simply mindless doodling as we  chatted. They were painting with watercolors, I was playing with graphite, and pens!  Another Mixed Media problem…..it’s really difficult to drag all the stuff with you that is needed to work in mixed media, thus the journal sketching.

I’m going to make an effort to post a little sketch for the Time Out for Art Blogging Event which is to be posted by Thursday each week….we’ll see how that goes since I’ve had little time to paint recently, and that’s what I need to be doing.   But I’ll try! 


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  1. what a great post, as if i’m sitting there listening to you talk about timeout for art and the ‘leader of the pack’!!!! a grand smile crossed my face, and it’s been one of those long syrupy days when my energies were low.. and you helped revive them!

    i am in town strictly for the timeout post and to buy vegetables, as a tour is coming through tomorrow, and i’d better get home pronto to prepare for the group!

    most likely i’ll be offline until saturday or sunday.



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