The Week After The Week After…


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I’m not going to lie, I’m just now getting back on my feet after having my granddaughter, Sage stay with my for a few days the week after Easter!  Now I really know why we have kids when we are young, stupid, and full of energy!  I’m sure if we weren’t young, and stupid we’d never have them!

I always thought life should be in reverse.  You know, presently we are born helpless, and we have to grow up and learn to take care of ourselves, and get an education.  By the time we are educated and have experienced enough life to have real knowledge, we are too tired, and old to do anything about it!   If only we were born with that knowledge, and energy so we could really raise our children with patience, understanding, and energy.

Sage came with her dad on Wednesday of last week, and spent two nights with me.  Since Papa was out-of-town on a band trip, it was perfect timing!  We had three days of girl fun to share, and it was fun.  But somewhere around Friday, I started hitting the proverbial wall, and by Friday night after Sage was picked up, I was burnt toast!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved it!  Do any of you know or remember what it’s like to have a seven-year old girl to entertain, and occupy for three days?  How did I raise three kids, work a full-time job, run a trucking business, schlep the kids back and forth to school, activities, shop, and clean house?  Oh yeah, I had a housekeeper every other week!  and,…..

I was younger then!

Sage and I managed to go into the spa every evening to relax, and have quiet time.  We did have a relaxing time in the spa, all the while listening to her chatter about her important ideas, her friends, and showing me her swim moves.  We played school, she gave me swim lessons, and pretended she was a physical therapist  giving me aqua therapy!  She rode her scooter off, and on during those days, painted a little painting, and looked for lizards.

We celebrated her seventh birthday by going to Target and picking out a favorite doll, and going for sushi at the Terri Cafe Thursday night.  After dinner we came home, and watched animated movies all evening.  It was fun, and I’d do it again, but it’s also exhausting.

On Friday before Sage left, she told me she wanted to go back to Target to see if she could get a Tea Set too!   Of course, I told her we couldn’t go back!

What I had a difficult time not telling her was this…….

For weeks now I have been searching all over the place for a real china tea set for her, and I have found, ordered and received it.  We are celebrating her seventh birthday next Saturday, because her real birthday fell in the middle of spring vacation.  I have taken much time finding just the right china demitasse cups, and saucers with matching dessert plates.  I even found gold-plated spoons with a heart-shaped at the top of the handle.  I’m still looking for  placemats, and napkins.  Don’t you think she’ll be surprised?  I do!

All I need to do now is wrap everything and put big bows on the presents, let the fun begin!

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