Decisions, Decisions


Important decisions are tricky, & there are many degrees of important!

All my married life I have been faced with important decisions, some more important than others. When faced with such a decision, it always seems important until reflecting back on it. Don't you think each, & every decision, each, & every event prepares, & makes us stronger for the next one that comes along? I do because just about now, I realize how strong I have grown to be! Once you look back you will also!

Why just this morning I was thinking about how to spent this gorgeous Wednesday. I have my Fabulous Five Girls coming for lunch on Saturday, & I need to decide exactly what is the perfect lunch to have! Then there is dessert, & the perfect special something to delight in after lunch! Coffee, tea, juice. All these things are important to me, right now, at this time,& place in my life.

Another decision for the day is, do I spend this beautiful sunny day in my studio, or do I take the opportunity to sneak away to do some shopping? Finally my decision was to plan my menu, & work in my studio!

All decisions aren't that easy, & some I've made have been down right scary, & even have held dire consequences. But I'm hear to tell you, they all have a place in our lives. They all have made me stronger, & all have made me the person I have become today.

I hope the time for those serious decisions is long past, but I know life has a way of tripping us up, & one day something will present itself that only I can decide on. I might not be happy about it, but I'll live through it, & be stronger for it! We all will!

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