Prized possession


There were many things I valued as a child, but only one thing I couldn't live without!

He came from J.L.Hudsons in Detroit, Michigan, & he walked all the way home with my mother. He was furry, had four feet, & was tan in color. I

loved my teddy bear so much, that as the years went by, I sniffed all his fur off! A little girl can't have a bear without any fur, he'll get cold, so I dressed him in baby clothes, & rolled him in a blanket. Teddy loved his warm clothes, & being cuddled in a blanket – he told me so!

One year led to the next, & before I knew it I was packing Teddy away, & moving out. Eventually I married, & guess what? Teddy was with me the entire time! He loved his new box, but he loved it even more when I took him out to show him to another small two legged critter, & another, & one more!

There wasn't anyone who was allowed to play with him, but they could hold him, & talk to him as I use to do.

Teddy is realllllllly ollllld now! His fur is entirely gone, his skin is thin, but his eyes are bright, & he still loves me!

I still love him, & every once in a while I bring him out of the box, & we have a talk about the good old times! Yes, I still have Teddy, he's turning seventy soon! Teddy hasn't weathered as well as some of us, but I love him just the same, he is my oldest, & most loyal friend! He is my prized possession!

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