The ultimate superhero


Does this sound strange, crazy, unbalanced, or just plain rare?

My superhero was discovered some fifty years ago. A quiet woman with style she was. Always laughing, always saying nice things about people. She never said anything bad about anyone, now isn't that curious?

Most people, even kind people slip, & say unkind things occasionally, but not my superhero!

She belonged to the garden club, church, was married to a musician. Doesn't equate does it? Not as we know it today it doesn't.

Every time I saw this kind woman in public she was wearing something fashionable yet totally sassy. Her hair was done each week, & always looked perfect as were her nails!

My superhero painted the outside of her large home at the age of eighty! Came to our home at Christmas at age eighty three wearing knee high boots, a pencil skirt, & a cashmeare sweater. She was always in style, knocked your socks off, & blew the doors of anything I had that was fashionable!

My superhero was my mother-in-law Veronica, or Ronnie as she insisted we all call her. Not Mother, Mom, but Ronnie!

She inspired me to be kinder, less judgmental. To never be too old to be in style, not complain, & yes, love everyone!

I didn't know it at the time I first married her son. I just thought she was compromising, because after asking her how she was able to tolerate her husband being away at night, she told me to get a hobby! Isn't that ridiculous? Get a hobby! It took me several years to realize how "Right" Ronnie was. I thought my husband, & family was suppose to be my hobby. I was so wrong!

Several years later I started painting. My young family took most of my time, so my art was sporadic. Eventually, the kids grew to an age where I was able to devote more time to creativity. And finally, years after that, I found my muse!

My superhero passed away at age ninety six, & her memorial service was one of the most impressive, beautiful, & touching services I have ever been part of. Everyone loved her, & had stories similar to mine.

Ronnie was loved by all, & will forever live in my heart. She remains my superhero!

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