Pets or not?


Growing up we always had a dog. Our parents didn't want a cat because cats have kittens. The thing is, all cats don't have kittens! But my parents were both only children, & I'm guessing not very worldly. Bless their hearts!

As a result, my kids had just about everything we could find from skunks to spiders, & everything in between.

Haven't studies found that having an animal lengthens your lifespan, & lowers blood pressure? They also keep you moving as you get older! They need to be fed, & cleaned up after. Pets are dependent on us for their well being!

At times I have lived without an animal, easing my husband into the life that I've always been comfortable with. Eventually, starting him off with a fluffy Bichon Frise. Small size, doesn't shed, easy to travel with, & easy to clean up after. Later my kids, & I hit him full force with snakes, iguanas, parrots, farrets, dobermans, & pit bulls! All were wonderful pets, & gave us so much pleasure!

Was he stressed? You bet at times he was. At won point when we were first married, we had four dogs three snakes, two taranchulas, & two parrots. When my daughter won a Blue, & Yellow Macaw, well that was the breaking point. They are very loud, & need a very large cage.

Today, the kids all have homes of their own. Some have lots of pets, some only one pet. We have a cat, & a dog. The dynamics between them is interesting to watch to say the least.

I wouldn't want to be without an animal in our home. Who else gives you love unconditionally, knows when you don't feel well to just stay close, give comfort, & don't say anything?

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