Just One More Class!


Weeks ago I signed up for a short four-hour workshop with Cathy Carey.  Cathy is a working artist, with her paintings in many galleries!  She is known for the way her paintings  sing with color and movement.   Many years ago she offered a one day workshop to “Paint Like Monet!”  I jumped all over that, and was amazed at the results.  This is when I was still painting in watercolor, and hadn’t dabbled in  acrylics,or  learn what they could do!  So when I overheard her tell someone else that she was giving a half day workshop, I hopped right on it!

I have admired Cathy for her use of color, and how she marries opposites together for many years, and now I have the opportunity to learn more from her!

This weekend was the class I signed up for, and I was excited to be there!

What transpired was a fun morning with each artist having their own spin on the same subject.  What I learned were things I already knew, but never put together in this way!  I don’t profess to be anywhere in the same category as Cathy Carey, but you have to start somewhere, right?   Especially since I’m all over the place with my art!   This class, and what Cathy was teaching certainly spoke to me – Big Time!  The pictures of my art reflect the process.  I’m sure you will agree how far I need to go, but the results were fun, and I’m planning to keep working on her technique!  I love color!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have to admit, since I’m in love with color, I really like the second to the last photo.  The one with all the opposites, before the final color is applied.  To me it’s a lot more exciting, and it sings, to me!

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