Extreme Experimentation


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With Thanksgiving over (not that I’m not thankful all year-long), the three days that followed were just what I needed.  After Thursday there were no plans made except, to relax and gather ourselves together.  As usual we ate way too much, everyone does!  Now we need to concentrate on losing the fluff that has been put on before, and during Thanksgiving, what a pain!  I’m not going to lie to you, all this fluff wasn’t put on in just a few days!  

During this little vacation, in my refrigerator was a loaf of petrified garlic bread that was being saved.  Not to eat, but to experiment with.  Ok I know you’re wondering, “How crazy is she?”  Well, the answer is, just crazy enough to try anything at least once!  What kind of experiment you ask?  The kind that a kid would think of, we’re going to call it “Extreme Bread Art!”  Actually a kid would probably call extreme bread art something they sent into space with a rocket, maybe I’ll just call it “Bread Art’!  I knew this unsliced loaf was in there, and really haven’t had a chance to play with it, but last weekend  was the time to play.   After thinking about exactly what I might want to do, I decided to approach it like any other mixed media project – use mixed media!  So, I  coated the entire loaf with clear jesso, to preserve it.  Really not sure what I’m preserving it for, but that was my thinking!  Then I rummaged through all my stencils, and chose one to start the process, others might find their way into this project later!  I thought all this plastic  needed extra time to dry even though the loaf was rock hard.    The extra drying  time allowed me more thinking time, and in this case it was needed. Painting bread isn’t what we artists usually do, but maybe I just found myself a new kind of art!

After this small distraction from reality, this is what I have for you.  A petrified loaf of garlic bread, coated with a sealer, sprayed with white primer through a Hawaiian floral stencil.  The pattern was so faint, it needed some thick gesso on a brush to make it work, followed by bright paint with just a smidgen of glitter in the center of the flowers.  It still looked a bit blurry, so just to accentuate everything, I outlined it with black paint!

There you have it, a less than satisfying paint project!  Maybe I just needed some frivolous little project  to do while thinking about what I really want to do with my life….

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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