As Panic Sets In…


Over the weekend I was playing around in my studio putting things away, and trying some new things when the mail came.  In the mail was an invitation for a Christmas luncheon.  The date on the invitation was December  20th, and all of a sudden panic set in!  We only have a few days until Thanksgiving, for me that’s a no brainer.  We cook, we gather, we eat, and we are grateful!  Family and friends together having good food, thankful for their health, jobs, children,  and each other.  We always share in the providing of food, and we gather early so the kids can play, and adults can chat.  This year we will be having dinner at my son Dennis, and his wife Shawna’s home.

Back to the invitation…What really panicked me was the line that said… $10.00 Gift Exchange!  It’s not the $10. gift, but it is the fact that I don’t have any desire to shop!   Clearly the 20th of next month certainly is far enough away to be able to think of something clever, but in two weeks I’m hosting a luncheon for my four closest Artsie Fartsie sisters!  This year we are planning on exchanging something we have created.  I’m really excited about this because all of these women are extraordinary artists, and just the thought of receiving something one of them has created is exciting!  To make it even more fun we’ve decided to draw numbers at the last-minute.  This means that we don’t know who we will be creating for, and that will be an additional surprise.

The next thing is in just a little over a month Christmas will be here, and I’m not in the least bit motivated to go shopping.  Sound familiar?  I’m sure many of you feel the same way, but skipping Christmas is not an option for me.  I’ve encouraged everyone to create their gifts, but they never do.  My son Chris and I are the creators of art in our family, that’s if you don’t count the grandchildren, and occasionally we will create for one of them.  Everyone else feels anything they make would be cheesy!  Maybe, maybe not.   But anything anyone in the family, or my friends would make, I would love!

As the panic sets in, it’s time to start making lists,  for family, for all the grab bag, and house-warming gifts that are taken to homes having parties, luncheons, and gift swaps.  My thinking cap goes on and I’m envisioning maybe cloth napkins with something stamped on them, or some kind of fiber art hanging thing.  Any suggestions?   I’d love to hear them, what are you planning to take for little gifts?   Have you even thought of them yet, or are these little parties sneaking up on you also?

My friend and fellow artist  Cathy Carey holds an Open Studio Tour  twice a year at her home, with all sizes of artwork, jewelry she has created for sale.  It’s a wonderful way to support your local artist, and at the same time pick up fabulous one of a kind gifts for friends and family.   Since I seem to be unable to copy and paste this morning, (Probably not fully awake), I have provided her address, and the hours her Studio Tour is open.  It’s free and open to the public, you won’t be disappointed!

Cathy Cary Open Studio Tour……. 2048 Ridgecrest Place, Escondido, CA. 92029

2 Weekends:  Saturday, November 24,  from 10 – 4

Saturday December 1 & Sunday, December 2,  from 10AM – 4 PM  each day

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