What Do You Have in Your Garden?

What Do You Have in Your Garden?

Many years ago my pride and joy was our thirsty gardens with dichondra for the lawn.  The lawn was perfect with my husband spending hours and hours on it edging, and mowing constantly so it would be low and tight!  The foliage was gorgeous.  I had flower beds to die for, and a particularly beautiful Flowering Plum tree in the front yard. Now days we haven’t the time or energy to care for anything close to a yard like that, and I have grown to appreciate the many attributes of succulents!  I’ve learned of the beauty in the happy surprises when they suddenly bloom leaving us with a sometimes unusual bloom that lasts for sometimes six week or more.  My yard is now full of these wonderful plants, and I’m forever on a quest to find yet another variety to display in my garden.

I mentioned on Monday that the theme for the week would be our yards and gardens, and now seems to be the appropriate time to sketch another bunch of succulents.  They are rapidly becoming my favorites!  This little sketch is of a few pots some with freshly planted succulents, others with established plants that have begun to bloom.  I mentioned the other day of the one I love the most right now.  Not sure what the name of it is, but it seems to go on blooming forever giving my garden a much needed splash of color.

I can’t wait to see your  sketches, and paintings of the living things from your gardens, and how much thinking outside the box some of you have been able to do.  Remember anything goes, you are only limited by your imagination!   Life is good, let’s capture some of the sweetness on paper!

P.S.  My husband tells me the dictionary defines Dichondra as part of the Morning Glory family.  Is this a good thing or bad thing, you tell me!

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