Just Another Lazy Day

Just Another Lazy Day

I’m not whining, really I’m not, but the heat, she’s not going away!  This is  just another lazy  September day giving us an opportunity to create .  I know, you’re going to say, “How can you whine,  you live in Oceanside?”  And, you’re right!   I’m not whining, maybe just observing!  Mornings seem to work fore me, they are quiet, cool, and I’m inspired by the little birds chirping, and dragonflies circling the garden.  I guess we are all tired of the intense heat, and ready for relief.  I keep saying it will be any day now, but any day now brings fall, and winter.  I have trouble getting inspired when I’m freezing!  We have a way to go before the freezing sets in, so I for one am going to enjoy every bit of summer left.

Yesterday, I set the challenge for a week instead of a day.  All week long we will sketch, paint, draw, or collage something living from the yard.  Those are  pretty broad choices!  It can be a plant, a flower, several plants, trees, anything just do a little piece of creativity!  Sometimes there isn’t time to go into full fledged art mode, but some simple little piece of the making  of art  keeps the gates open, and I always feel I’ve accomplished something important to me, even on a busy day.

As you look around the yard, or your neighbors yard (snicker, snicker) take some pictures, or sit down in the shade with pencil or pen, and do a little something to keep the creativity flowing!

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