Let’s Wrap It Up!


It suddenly dawned on me that not only is it the last day of the week, but the last day of the month!  Just think of all that has happened this month; I’ve been sketching each day, I’ve shopped for  the grandkids school clothes, sat through the surgery for a broken arm on an eight year old, started a new blog, and much more I can’t even remember.  Each day I jump out of bed, get dressed and take an early morning walk with buy dog Daisy.  It has to be real early because of the heat and humidity.  Both of us drag home after forty minutes of walking the neiborhood, glad to be home, and throughly pooped!

This morning I kept thinking about how I really needed to get a new pair of running shoes.  The old ones are beginning to hurt my feet, and I am uncomfortable on our walk now!  Well, naturally once I started to think of running shoes, that quickly morphed into all kinds of shoes, and this became the theme for the day.  So, today the challenge is to sketch, paint, collage, mold, or maybe even decopague shoes!  Any kind of shoes, for anyone.  Let us all see what you come up with……  As I’m writing this, I’m realizing the little sketch I just finished could have been so much more!  So in coming up with the challenge for today, and working hard to suggest things that I think might trigger your creativity, I’m realizing how much more fun I could have dad with this shoe sketch.  I used Derwitt Ink Tense pencils for the color and really love them for traveling.  I guess I get lazy with mu morning sketches because they are to be easy to do and help spark creativity.

As I finish up the week and the month, I am reminded of the beautiful summer we have had so far.  I have complained a little of the heat, but when it turns cold, I complain about that also.  Ok, I admit I am totally a “Goldy Locks Girl!”  Monday through Friday is going to be the format for my posts.  We all need some down time, but occasionally I might add something, or post a sketch or painting just because!

Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend, I’ll be back on September 3rd with a new challenge, and sketch!

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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