Early Morning Sunrise


Early this morning as I left the house for a walk, I was greeted by this amazing sunrise.  The air was cool with a slight breeze, something that won’t last long today.  It was quiet, and still somewhat dim as Daisy and I wound our way around the little hilly streets.  There were only a few people out this morning, some walking their dogs, but still all was quiet.  The smell of the pine trees, and fresh air was invigorating, and as we walked I thought of my project for today.

Grocery Shopping, and errands take up much of my Thursday, but I usually have time for even a small art project even on a day like this.  Soon the air will turn warm, and muggy.  It will no longer be comfortable to shop or sit on the patio and paint.  Everything must be accomplished early before it gets too miserable to do much else but read or watch a movie.

While we were on our walk I managed to take a couple of pictures of the sunrise, and this kept resurfacing as I thought of my day. Finally, I decided to paint a small watercolor of the Morning Sunrise!  There isn’t any way I could really do this breathtaking morning credit, but this is my version of todays early morning.

Spending the entire day painting isn’t necessary, but wouldn’t that  be a great thing?   I rarely spend more than four or five hours painting, and rarely paint in watercolors any longer.  Sometimes I crave the way they bleed into each other, and I find the spontaneity  priceless!  But, having energy for a four or five hour day is rare, and I mostly dream of a day like that!

The energy we put out on a day of painting usually wipes me out for a couple of days.  However, the energy put out painting with a friend makes the day fly, and usually is very productive.  I think this is why I feel it so important we share creative energy.  Other artists see everything in a little different way than others, we see colors differently, and shapes differently, we see things!   Sometimes it may be just a walk on the beach, sometimes it’s spending time painting together, or watching art videos.  Whatever you decide is perfect for you, don’t allow that creative energy to fade!   Should you find yourself uninspired, and empty as we all do from time to time, paint rocks, or leaves, maybe even sticks.  I’ve painted all of that, and I can tell you it really helps open the gates!   Somehow the simple task of doing something fun with your inner child  helps everything begin to flow again.

I would love to see the project you chose today, post them here, or on Facebook. Have a great day, stay cool, and  have fun creating…

About Karen's Stone Soup

Welcome to Stone Soup with Karen Samenow. I named my blog Stone Soup because it's a little of everything. You may find art or music, or inspiration. I'm an artist, a spiritual medium, and I'm always learning more and exploring. I hope you find us interesting.

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