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Finally Finished!



By Wednesday evening I was really over having my home torn up, and the three men who working on the floors were finally finished, and moving in our furniture. Even though we had almost everything in boxes, we were clean, and ready to start putting everything together….tomorrow!

We still haven’t put it all back, but the only one pushing me is me.  And I’m not killing myself dealing with it all at once.  The whole idea was to weed out some things so we wouldn’t be so crowded.

Needless to say these floors have so much more character, and are so much more beautiful than the old ones.


Now for the good stuff…..I know this blog goes all over the world, but I’m going to post the name of our Installer incase anyone close by can use him if they choose.

McQuaid Flooring, owner Connor McQuade  951-694-2630 – http://www.mcquaidflooring@hotmail.com.

Let me reestablish that the problem with the Bamboo floors was not a result of the installation.   That was a manufacturer default!  We have had very good results from our installer.  His crew is polite, doesn’t swear, smoke, or drink on the job.  That sounds funny, but it’s surprising how many workers are unprofessional.                                      These men are the best!

My tiny studio

My tiny studio

And finally my tiny studio.  It is small, many things are still in boxes, and haven’t been organized.  But when I’m finished, it will be all mine.

Little by Little



With only a few details left to do on the living room, the demolition begins on our bedroom.  All the furniture is out, and soon the entire floor will be removed.  This may only take a day, but who knows, we may end up at a motel with all our animals surrounding us for the night.

The process is slow because the bamboo was put down very well, so pulling it up is really difficult.  Installing new ones is a snap in comparison.

How do you like them?  I have always loved Hickory floors, and it was only by chance we have ended up with them.  Remember I wanted to use a renewable resource like bamboo.


God Bless the beautiful Hickory Trees that gave their lives so we could have fabulous floors in our home.  I promise to take loving care of them, and always honor them!



Sometime life leaves us looking, and feeling like one more step, and that’s it!

This week is one of those times, with our house being  torn up to replace our two-year old bamboo floors that have warped and splintered, I feel a bit run over by a truck.  The demolition has begun, and the floors will be entirely stripped of bamboo, and the glue sanded off.  I’m trying to stay calm, and not stress, but it’s a big mess, and many of the smaller things had to be boxed and removed from the site……..by us.  The larger furniture the workmen will handle.     All my artwork….. down and in a box, all drapes….the same.  The bamboo will be replaced with a manufactured hickory, and even though I didn’t get the bamboo I was hoping for, I’m counting on it not splintering or warping, and giving us many good years of beautiful floors.

Breathe is the name of the game, I tell myself it’s a journey, one of adventure, and excitement!

What will tomorrow bring?  More chaos, but one more day closer to putting it all back together, and restoring calm.