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First Things First!

Let's have a morning cup of Coffee together.

Let’s have a morning cup of Coffee together.

As I read through the end of the year report that WordPress has put together for each of us, I wanted to stop and thank WP  for their wonderful support.  I have learned so much, and grown far more than I expected.  This by no means suggests that I’m finished.   I’m just getting started!  You’re never too old to learn and as long as you’re learning, you’re growing.

I also want to thank my fellow bloggers for supporting me in my journey to become a better blogger, and all that goes with it.  At times it has been challenging, and sometimes a breeze, but I have never forgotten that all of you are what helps to make me who I am, and will become.

Our Mela Luka trees after our big storm.  We lost a big limb, & had to cut many off.

Our Mela Luka trees after our big storm. We lost a big limb, & had to cut many off.

I wish for us all to have a more prosperous year of blogging, and growing in an endeavor to meet our own personal goals.

We should all get an award for showing up, and trying!  So in this new year, I hope to get to know many of you better, stay friends with those of you I’ve gotten close to,  help each other meet our goals,  and continue creating with wild abundance!

Happy January 2, 2015


It is hard to believe that once again we are starting a new year.  Most likely we are all still spinning from  the end of the year celebration, and just the speed at which 2014 flew by.  I’d like to slow down this new year, but I know that isn’t possible.   Sadly the faster it speeds by, the older I get, and the older I get, the slower I get, and the faster the year speeds by.  No wonder my head is spinning!

With holiday decorations taken down, and all of us  working at getting back to normal, it is my hope that all of you will have a very prosperous, exceedingly healthy, wondrously happy 2015…..

Last year my catch word (In place of a resolution) was  ” kindness!”  In spite of my grandkids telling me that I was already to kind, & not to be any kinder, I chose to work at kinder thoughts, and demonstrating more kindness.

This year my word is going to be  “tolerance!”  Sometimes it is really difficult to be tolerant of others.  They may be slower than we are, or maybe even faster.  They may have a different way of doing things than we do, or maybe they come off as being entitled.  I frequently tell myself, unless we can walk in each other shoes, we haven’t any idea how their life is, or what hurdles they may have to endure. Things aren’t always as they seem.  Therefore, I’m going to really work at being a kinder, more tolerant person.

I hope everyone has survived the hectic end of 2014, and that whatever we all have in front of us will be challenges we welcome, and will make us stronger!

Happy New Year everyone…