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Take a Sharp Left!

Unfinished mixed media

Unfinished mixed media

Every morning I get up, fix a cup of coffee or tea, and head into my studio.  While I’m sipping a conforting cup of something warm I remember all the dreams of creating art, and how I can impliment them into my day.  Sometimes it only includes the way I arrange a vase of flowers, or a table setting.  But mostly, I work on creating another piece of art!

mixed media..Green Man  unfinished

Lately I find a great deal of satisfaction in mixed media work, and am having fun with pieces of paper,  acrylic medium, and design!  Being intuitive is key to this process, as I always start with an idea, and on it’s own it takes a sharp left turn.
Where it goes is anybodies guess,  and I’m particularily surprised at the outcome, especially because more seems to be better on these pieces.

Finished or Unfinished?  That is the question.

Finished or Unfinished? That is the question.

Thank you for stopping to read my post, see you next time!