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Patience Means Everything


For those of you that follow Stone Soup, I need to tell you the reason I’ve dropped the ball on my blog. It isn’t because I was tired of writing it, or I didn’t love my followers, it was because I was sick the month of December and into the first of January. I’m feeling fabulous now, and back to what ever normal is for me.

We are so used to speaking, sometimes without thinking, that there are times we don’t stop to think of how our words effect people. I try to be kind, patient, empathetic, but there are times when after I’ve said something, I can’t believe what just came out of my mouth. By the look of someone’s face, I’ve for sure put my foot in my mouth.

In past years, I’ve made a New Year’s resolution to be more Kind. That’s been my resolution for about three years. This year my NY’s resolution is Patience. Everyone says I’m already patient, but I’ve found that for some reason I’m becoming less patient, and more irritated at even little things. That’s not who I am!

Now that I’m aware of my sudden lack of patience, I’m also becoming aware of the words I use in response to that lack. Sometimes it’s gentle and I understanding, but I also at times find myself trying to hold back these words, ” If I could say something it would not be nice.” I feel impatient with people in line at the grocery store. Again, that’s not me! But suddenly it is me, and I don’t like myself much when I get this irritated.

I know some of you will think I’m crazy, and some of you who know me would say that anyway, after all I’m a creative, I’m a medium, I’m a mother and a wife. Who wouldn’t be a bit touched with all that going on? My answer to patience, or the lack there of, is to find the time for some peaceful soft guided meditation. Don’t laugh at me, I really do know what I’m talking about. YouTube has so many guided meditations that until you look, you won’t believe me. Because I’m a medium I tend to gravitate to my mentors for guided meditations. However, they too have what you’re looking for that is only a guided meditation. If you listen, nothing will happen to you, it’s only a meditation!

I hope that while on your journey to patience, you will consider my recommendation. Do a short Meditation to start with, it will help I promise!

Day Seven: Is Patience A Lifelong Lesson?

Day Seven:  Is Patience A Lifelong Lesson?


For me I think it is!  Just when I think I’m a kind, loving, patient person I’m pushed  to the edge, and I lose it, taking away my self respect!    Are all of us like this, or am I one of the chosen few that constantly has to work on being patient?  I do so well for several days…. then….I  can’t help myself.  When I am patient, kind, and understanding, I feel like I’m giving myself a gift!

Is being tired something that takes away patience, or is it just plain old being ornery?  One can only guess.  Each and every day I have to remind myself to take a breath and be patient!