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More About Bubbles the Bunny

Bubbles sniffing out the dust!

Bubbles sniffing out the dust!

Bubbles after a hard day of housecleaning!

Bubbles after a hard day of housecleaning!

Bubbles is now about three months old, and she is sporting some big, promising ears! Giant Flemish Rabbits are known for their long ears, and Bubbles is taking her title seriously.

She is such a good girl.

  • She helps around the house while her human mom is doing housework.
  • She eats all her food so she can grow big and strong…that            includes her ears.
  • She is a great companion to her best friends, Connor and Sage.

Yep, Bubbles is the perfect little girl to have around the house, or in the yard. Bubbles  (so far)  hasn’t  tried to escape the back yard like Dusty did.   Maybe she is too young to think of it, or maybe she is frightened to go out there.  Maybe Dusty even told her how terrified he was after his escape.  After all it is a big world, and a scary place for a bunny to run free.

While Bubbles is being such a princess, Dusty is still in prison, and being watched very carefully!

Each day is a new, exciting day for Bubbles as she learns, grows, and experiences her life with four other humans, and another Giant Flemish Rabbit named Dusty.

Thank you for stopping to read about Bubbles, there will be more so don’t forget to come back.