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Thursday Time Out For Art



While the crows are calling me from outside the studio window, inside the easel stands with two canvases ready to start the first steps of a new painting.


One of my studio  walls has a couple of paintings  started,  and I’m waiting for them to speak to me, and give me inspiration.


Inside the rest of our home is in disarray  due to the replacement of our floors.  It leaves little time or space for me to be creative and  I feel I have to be on site just to make sure nothing goes wong.  Am I crazy?  Would they really  need me for anything if something went wrong, and would they actually come to me for answers?  Probably not!  Maybe that’s the mother in me, needing to be needed.  Something that is rarely done these days since all my kids are all grown up with families of their own.

While all this is in process, my sketching supplies will be set aside so I’m able to sit and sketch…..if I’m not needed that is.  If there is time for  sketching, I’ll be calling on Zebra Designs & Destinations for inspiration…..

Stay tuned for more of the way we handle our house being torn up before our very eyes!