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Creating Spirit Dolls

Driftwood Spiorit Dolls

Driftwood Spirit Dolls

While I’ve been recuperating from surgery, I’ve been creating Spirit Dolls.  My son gave me three beautiful pieces of smooth driftwood, and all I could see were faces in them……so that’s what I did!

I put faces on them and created spirits with moss, and shells, metal hearts and anything else that felt right.  Later I will show them as I finish them.  It’s a little slow right now, but I work on them a couple of times a week, and then I need a breather.  With all the other things I “have” to do to recuperate, I don’t have a lot of energy to spend in my studio.  It’s always on my mind, and in my heart, and I want to show them to you, it will just take a little longer than I’d like.

If you need any extra creativity ideas there are so many things to just run into on YouTube, and sometimes I’ll take my computer into bed while relaxing and just scan all the how to videos.  It’s a terrible time sucker, but it’s impossible to be upright all day!