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Riding the Southwest Chief!



Where are you going now?

Tomorrow, Les and I are boarding the train for Sante Fe, New Mexico. This will be my second trip to SF on the train, and Les’ first train trip ever. I’m excited to once again travel by train, but Les doesn’t know what to expect.
As a child my family use to travel back to Michigan each year by train. Mother, and all of us kids would pack up, dad would drive us to the station, and off we’d go. It was one of my favorite childhood memories!  Then at the end of three weeks, my dad would fly out, get a new Chevrolet (he was a General Motors man), and we’d have a three-week road trip back home.  We had some amazing vacations from the Mid-West to California with lots of interesting stops along the way.  Again one of my favorite childhood memories!

Name that train?

This time we board the Southwest Chief for Sante Fe, & stop at a few places on the way…  Since we travel all night to arrive at Ramy, a little whistle stop twenty minutes out of SF, Albuquerque is the first  stop I remember making.

Riding the Chief…

Why do you like the train?

Of course I have great childhood memories, but I also love the train because there are things to see that you certainly couldn’t see by plane, or driving.  The people are great, and from all walks of life, I love that part.  So for me it’s an experience I just can’t pass up!

I know, but why are you going?

My friend Cathy Carey is holding a week-long painting workshop.  Cathy is a wonderful Modern Impressionist artist, who I have admired for many years.  I’ve taken her classes before, but this is a special workshop.  One that is being held in beautiful Sante Fe, an artsy town that every artist would love to spend time in.  Me included!  Since it’s easier to travel with acrylics, that is the medium I’m using for this workshop.

It will be interesting to see what this trip holds for both of us, and you can bet I’ll be letting everyone know how much fun we have.

Thank you for stopping to read my post, I hope you’ll be back to hear more about my Artsie Fartsie trip!