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‘Twas The Night Before Christmas….

Our Christmas Wreath

Our Christmas Wreath

When all through the house,

Only Kramer was stirring, in hopes of a mouse!

The socks were placed in the dryer to dry, desiring warm feet, as we waited by it’s side.

Daisy was nestled all snug on our bed, while visions of frolicking dancing in her head.

Les in his boxers, and I in my Tee, had just settled in for some really good TV.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, we sprang up to see just what was the matter.

The moon on the ground shown the drenching of rain, it’d been pouring for days with much to be gained.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear, a miniature sleigh, and two mechanical deer.

It all worked in sequence, with lights blinking fast, a Santa with presents, set up on the grass!

The names of the reindeer we couldn’t make out, as hard as we tried to figure it out,

One had to be Rudolph with his nose shinning bright, the other was Comet sitting just out of sight!

Off to the kitchen to make us some tea, we’ll eat a few cookies, while we watching TV.

The Emery's Tree

The Emery’s Tree

Counting the days ’till we open the gifts,

In our heads we knew it was the right thing to wish,

Nolan's Tree

Nolan’s Tree

Everyone, “A Merry Christmas,” and a warm cozy night!

With Christmas right around the corner, shopping finished, and only a few presents left to be wrapped, it’s finally time to kick back and take a deep breath! Every year I think I’m going to cut my shopping in half, and then I see things someone wants, or needs, and I just can’t help myself!

This year, as almost every year I was really a bad girl, and all my shopping, with little exception of  came from the internet!  I’m not proud (maybe I am just  little), I thought I was incredibly clever to be able to pull this off – shopping without leaving the office, sometimes even in my PJ’s! The only thing better than ordering from Amazon, is if Santa himself dropped them down our chimney all wrapped and ready to go. Wait a minute, we don’t have a chimney! Scratch that… I would leave a key under the mat if Santa would do that for me!

Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas. May the time spent with friends and family be magical.  I wish everyone good health, warm nights, safe travel,  and a happy New Year!

Good Night my friends, until next year…….

Our First Excursion!


Shortly after we returned home from the hospital, my mother decided to pack me up into the large black English Carriage, and walk into Detroit. Now I haven’t any idea how far that might have been, but it couldn’t have been far for mother to have taken on that day trip on foot. This proud new mother was headed to J.L.Hudsons, a very large and prominent department store of its time, and she was headed there specifically to find her new baby daughter (me), a teddy bear. It’s hard to believe I didn’t already have a teddy Bear, but I guess it just wasn’t the bear she thought I should have as a best friend! Turned out Mother was right!

As the story goes….

Can you even imagine pushing this large black English perambulator into a department store? Can you just see things go flying left, and right as the carriage bumped into racks, and displays? Mother would never admit to any of this, and maybe it never happened, but it’s difficult to believe anyone would be able to negotiate any department store with a carriage this large without incident!

Anyway, that day I was an angel of course, and we went straight up to the toy department. Mother searched for the teddy bear section, scrutinizing each and every bear with very careful eyes. She showed me dozens of bears without any redaction from me at all. So on to the next…..Pink, brown, gray, multicolored bears were shown to me. Mother waited for a reaction, and when I didn’t respond it would very gently go back into its own little pile, and we’d be on to the next bear. Finally, we were about to run out of bears when mother picked up the most gorgeous of bears.

Teddy as I later named him, was the best teddy bear any little girl could have. He was about 18″ tall, his arms, and legs were sewn so he moved freely. His ears were floppy, and they moved freely also. Maybe he wasn’t as floppy as he is now…kind of the opposite of me. I started out floppy, and now I’m stiffening up! But we’re still great friends, he’s been with me my entire life through all those moves, marriages, kids, and surgeries. Oh, I don’t take him to the hospital, but he’s with me anyway. Teddy is all wrapped up, and put away, but he still is dressed in diapers, and a one-sy just like he was when I was little.

You can’t have a friend more dedicated than that, can you? Daisy our dog is pretty dedicated to me, but Teddy is my very, very, very best friend!

There is still more, so stay tuned…..

Thursday Time Out For Art

God of Wine

God of Wine

God of Wine abstract painting I completed several years ago.  Before I even had it off it easel,  friends of ours came over for wine and cheese one evening, saw the painting, and purchased it right off the easel.

If I remember correctly, this was another watercolor, however I also use acrylic inks that look exactly the same when finished.  Somewhere off to the left are a bottle, and grapes. (This is where you have to visualize.)

Much of my inspiration comes from Zebra Design & Destination, although this time it was my muse that walked me to the finish line.

Half of the Whole…Part 1



Dad grew up in Michigan, as an only child.   His mother never worked outside the home, and his father was a machinist.  They had a nice home, one that I don’t really remember, but they also had a summer cottage in Nova Scotia, Canada.  This I do remember because ever since I was born we visited every weekend during the summer months, and my parents took many pictures. Throughout the years they would talk about neighbors, and neighborhood dogs at the cottage.   How could I not remember!Unknown

Dad only had one real job in his lifetime….he worked for General Motors.  This was what he always wanted to do, and what he went to school to do.

Mom and Dad married on Friday the 13th, in the month of December.  Dad felt he could not take time off from work, so they spent one weekend  on their honeymoon in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Who would go to Cincinnati  for a honeymoon?  Mom told me later, she wasn’t impressed with a honeymoon in Cincinnati!  I can’t imagine why!  Like most young women, I’m sure Mom had visions of a romantic honeymoon in someplace like Niagara Falls.


In 1947 Dad was transferred from Flint, Michigan to the General Motors Plant in Van Nuys, California.  Our family was still small with only Mom, Dad,  my sister and myself.  I was about three and a half, my sister was about six months old when we moved.   Sure it was an adventure for me, I busied myself by serving pretend coffee and tea on the airplane to all the passengers.  They thought I was so cute, they were partially right.  Little did they know I was a cute princess!

Dad worked long hours, especially in the summer, and fall.  Being a General Motors man, he was busiest when the new models of cars were being produced for release in the fall.  It seemed to never end!

GM Flint, Michigan

GM Flint, Michigan

I remember him telling me that GM wouldn’t promote him to Plant Manager because he didn’t go to a University, only a trade school.  That must have been a tough pill to swallow, because he was very conscientious about his work, and was known for being very fair with the people who worked for him as well.  But he was a perfectionist, and  he expected the people who worked for him to  be as conscientious as he was with their work.   Everything had to be perfect!
I once was told by a peer of his that he was well-respected, because of his work ethics, he always tried to work things out for the betterment of his employees.

Dad being a hard-working GM man, would come home after a long day, and step into whatever was going on at home. Usually we were bickering, or Mother was deep into disciplining one of us. He would hear part of an argument, and immediately one of us was in deep trouble!  There wasn’t necessarily any trouble, it could have been just a discussion, but someones head would roll!  I can only think Dad must have been very tired or stressed over his work.

His fuse was short, and it wouldn’t take much for us to annoy him.
This one time I remember Dad getting really upset about something we did, probably bickering.  He stormed into the bathroom, turned on the bathtub faucet, and proceeded to fill the tub with water.  Before my sister, and I knew what was happening, we were grabbed by the ankles – at the same time – and dangled over the tub of water. This was presumably to scare the bejeebers out of us so we would stop fighting!

OK  –  so it worked, we stopped fighting, and the bejeebers were gone!

My sister and I thought we were goners, and marched like good little indians!  At least for a couple of days!   I don’t think either of us will forget!  Usually the day was pretty quiet, and unless something upset our mother, Dad usually  stayed out of the adventures of child raising.  He also never used those tactics ever again!

Each summer we would take a vacation. Mom and the three of us kids would pack up and take the train to Indiana, or Michigan to see our Grandmother, or Great-Grandmother, and after we’d been there for a few weeks Dad would take three weeks off from work to pick us up.    That was always a fun trip, and we looked forward to it all year!
After we visited with our Grandmother, we would pack up and go visit our Great-Grandmother in Indiana. After we’d been visiting for about three weeks, Dad would fly back to retrieve us, first   checking into GM in Michigan, and picking up a new car. We’d drive back to California, and have a fun family road trip.

The family traveled all over the United States seeing many  wonderful places our beautiful country has contained within its borders.  We’ve been north, south, east, and west, but never south of the border into Mexico, and never into Canada.  Dad was terrified to travel outside our boarders.


We started out camping in a tent, and slowly worked our way up to a tiny trailer.  One time I remember camping  in the woods, and it was snowing.  Now, I was a princess, I didn’t camp, let alone camp in the snow.  But, we were camping in the snow regardless of my status in life.  Apparently neither of my parents paid much attention to my status!


Another time, we went camping in bear country, and my parents warned us not to take food to bed with us, or have any food in our tent.  They even explained to us about the bears, and their passion for eating everyone’s food regardless of where it was or, who was there.

In the middle of the night, I was awakened by something outside our tent, and I was sure it was a bear.  I tried to stay quiet, not wake anyone up, but I just knew we were going to be eaten by a bear.   Soon I had the entire family awake, and searching for the food.  I  was positive there was food  in our tent.  Sure enough, my sister had taken cookies to bed with her so she wouldn’t starve in the middle of the night, and sure enough, there had been a bear outside our tent that night.  We awakened to tracks, and a rip in our tent.  Some kids (my sister) never listen!

By the end of this camping trip, we were all ready to go home, and were finished trying to convince my sister she wasn’t going to starve in the middle of the night!  That was a worthless endeavor!

Shasta Trailer

Shasta Trailer

I think that was the end of our tenting days, and after that Dad had purchased a small trailer to do our camping in.

Chevrolet all the way!

Chevrolet all the way!

Thank you for taking time to read a day in my  life.  Karen

Stay tuned for more later…..

Thursday time Out For Art…



Several years ago when I  still painted  in  watercolor, I surprised my daughter, and son-in-law with a Zebra painting for Christmas. Because art is so subjective, I seldom give away my paintings, and certainly don’t want to put anyone in a position to hang my art every time  I visit.   On the other hand,  I am my daughter’s  mother, and after the long hours I spent in labor, my daughter owes me don’t you think?

This was among the last watercolor paintings I did before I switched to acrylics.   Several pictures we taken,  and they all turned out the same.  I think it’s blurry because of the non glare glass.   Or….maybe I’m just a bad photographer….  You pick!

“Bunny Tails!”



It seems that Bubbles is now about seven months old, and when a female bunny is between six, and nine months of age, it time to bred.  So off she went to be breed….

Sweet Bubbles was getting a little aggressive, and not playing well with others!  After much talking with the “bunny breeder,” it was decided that this behavior was because she was ready to be bred….and so it went….

Now Bubbles is every bit a soft, and sweet as she looks, and we are looking forward to seeing  her tiny, or not so tiny baby bunnies.  We are told they can have rather large liters, not like us, way larger than us!  At this point it’s,  wait and see.

Dusty checking up on his humans!

Dusty checking up on his humans!

While Bubbles is going through all these life changes, Dusty is hanging around as men often do, eating grass, and hippity hopping around his large park-like yard.  Or in other words, Dusty is oblivious to whats going on with Bubbles.

By the way, if you remember after Dusty was neutered his ear flopped over.  Everyone thought he was sad, and the Bunny Dr. said it would stand up when he returned to normal.  Well, his ear is still flopped down, and seldom stands up.  We think Dusty is perfect even though he does have one lazy ear!

Thank you for hopping by to check on Bubbles and Dusty, there will be more excitement to come…