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Making Changes!

Orchid in Abstract

Orchid in Abstract

Good morning everyone. Since I wrote this a couple of days ago, I haven’t any idea if it’s raining at the moment, or if the sun is playing with us. It’s been chilly here in Southern California, and since I live ten miles off the Pacific Ocean, it’s a bit damp.     Just so we’re clear, in no way am I complaining!  I’m only in Southern California….not Main or New York, or even Michigan. The people who live there have reason to complain about cold and dampness.                                                                        No, I’m not complaining.

Its been a long time since I’ve been able to actually gather enough thoughts to sit down and blog. . Today, Tuesday, I sat down with a big, warm, coconut infused Yerba Mate tea and decided I needed to pick myself up, and make some changes!

Changes come in all kinds of ways, sizes, shapes and forms. Of course the first thing I need to do is make time for you, and my blog.  The next thing is letting all of you know that KarenSamenow with StoneSoup will now be known as Karen’s Stone Soup…

Since some of the changes are to my  blog, and Yes they will be positive changes, and some changes are to my home!  As much as I love the colorful background of my blog, I’m going to replace it as soon as I can learn how to do that.   LOL   Some changes have already taken place.  Like me even thinking about changes!

Admittedly, I have lost touch with the workings of blogging, and I’m working at getting back to a place where I’m fluid at posting new items of interest within my blog.   Blogging is a full-time job, and  I also have interests in  creating my art, my family, and exploring and/or traveling. I belong to an  art group where we critique one another, explore new ideas, or sometimes just stop and relax with a cup of something good!  We support each other through great times, and sad times. Sometimes that means just setting aside creating, and being supportive.  So twice a week is going to be a standard for me, or I won’t have anything to blog about!

It is my hope you will like the changes as much as I do, and find it easier to negociate  your way around Stone Soup.  Thank you for being here, you are the people  keeping me going and giving me inspiration.  🌞👩🏻‍🎨☔️🕗

Last Painting of 2016



As we look to the end of the year, I wrap up the last painting for 2016.  This is a watercolor painting I collages, and did a little zentangle on. When I finished I coated it with mat medium.  The experiments keep coming, but it’s time now to finish up my shopping, and wrapping. I only have a few gifts to get which consist mostly  of money. As time goes on that will be the only thing the kids want, and Papa and myself will no longer be able to bring in the surprises by way of a letter to the North Pole!

Tuesday night kicked off Christmas celebration with a family dinner at my son, and daughter-in-law’s home. All the cousins, brothers, and sisters, and the parental units (that’s us)!

Everything will move fast now, we are so close to Christmas Eve. The Eve is really my favorite because of the magic. Kids are always good, and usually anxious to go to bed at a decent hour. After all, the sooner you get to bed, the sooner you can get up.


It’s uncertain if I will get to post another blog prior to the new year, so I want to take this time to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday filled with love, and a safe and fun New Year’s Eve.   May you all go into the New Year feeling full of love and hope for the year 2017.

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas….

Our Christmas Wreath

Our Christmas Wreath

When all through the house,

Only Kramer was stirring, in hopes of a mouse!

The socks were placed in the dryer to dry, desiring warm feet, as we waited by it’s side.

Daisy was nestled all snug on our bed, while visions of frolicking dancing in her head.

Les in his boxers, and I in my Tee, had just settled in for some really good TV.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, we sprang up to see just what was the matter.

The moon on the ground shown the drenching of rain, it’d been pouring for days with much to be gained.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear, a miniature sleigh, and two mechanical deer.

It all worked in sequence, with lights blinking fast, a Santa with presents, set up on the grass!

The names of the reindeer we couldn’t make out, as hard as we tried to figure it out,

One had to be Rudolph with his nose shinning bright, the other was Comet sitting just out of sight!

Off to the kitchen to make us some tea, we’ll eat a few cookies, while we watching TV.

The Emery's Tree

The Emery’s Tree

Counting the days ’till we open the gifts,

In our heads we knew it was the right thing to wish,

Nolan's Tree

Nolan’s Tree

Everyone, “A Merry Christmas,” and a warm cozy night!

With Christmas right around the corner, shopping finished, and only a few presents left to be wrapped, it’s finally time to kick back and take a deep breath! Every year I think I’m going to cut my shopping in half, and then I see things someone wants, or needs, and I just can’t help myself!

This year, as almost every year I was really a bad girl, and all my shopping, with little exception of  came from the internet!  I’m not proud (maybe I am just  little), I thought I was incredibly clever to be able to pull this off – shopping without leaving the office, sometimes even in my PJ’s! The only thing better than ordering from Amazon, is if Santa himself dropped them down our chimney all wrapped and ready to go. Wait a minute, we don’t have a chimney! Scratch that… I would leave a key under the mat if Santa would do that for me!

Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas. May the time spent with friends and family be magical.  I wish everyone good health, warm nights, safe travel,  and a happy New Year!

Good Night my friends, until next year…….

Our First Excursion!


Shortly after we returned home from the hospital, my mother decided to pack me up into the large black English Carriage, and walk into Detroit. Now I haven’t any idea how far that might have been, but it couldn’t have been far for mother to have taken on that day trip on foot. This proud new mother was headed to J.L.Hudsons, a very large and prominent department store of its time, and she was headed there specifically to find her new baby daughter (me), a teddy bear. It’s hard to believe I didn’t already have a teddy Bear, but I guess it just wasn’t the bear she thought I should have as a best friend! Turned out Mother was right!

As the story goes….

Can you even imagine pushing this large black English perambulator into a department store? Can you just see things go flying left, and right as the carriage bumped into racks, and displays? Mother would never admit to any of this, and maybe it never happened, but it’s difficult to believe anyone would be able to negotiate any department store with a carriage this large without incident!

Anyway, that day I was an angel of course, and we went straight up to the toy department. Mother searched for the teddy bear section, scrutinizing each and every bear with very careful eyes. She showed me dozens of bears without any redaction from me at all. So on to the next…..Pink, brown, gray, multicolored bears were shown to me. Mother waited for a reaction, and when I didn’t respond it would very gently go back into its own little pile, and we’d be on to the next bear. Finally, we were about to run out of bears when mother picked up the most gorgeous of bears.

Teddy as I later named him, was the best teddy bear any little girl could have. He was about 18″ tall, his arms, and legs were sewn so he moved freely. His ears were floppy, and they moved freely also. Maybe he wasn’t as floppy as he is now…kind of the opposite of me. I started out floppy, and now I’m stiffening up! But we’re still great friends, he’s been with me my entire life through all those moves, marriages, kids, and surgeries. Oh, I don’t take him to the hospital, but he’s with me anyway. Teddy is all wrapped up, and put away, but he still is dressed in diapers, and a one-sy just like he was when I was little.

You can’t have a friend more dedicated than that, can you? Daisy our dog is pretty dedicated to me, but Teddy is my very, very, very best friend!

There is still more, so stay tuned…..

To Clean or Not To Clean?


Several years ago my husband heard me say I wanted an airbrush.  So for Christmas he bought me an Iwata Airbrush, and compressor which I love.  The problem is he spent so much money on it, I’ve been terrified to use it, and even more terrified to take it apart to clean it.  So each year that went by, he re-wrapped it, and surprised me with the same airbrush and compressor.  After about four years, the joke got a little stale, and he had to let it go. But a couple of years ago, he re-wrapped it again, and I figured I’d better do something positive, or he’d think I didn’t appreciate his efforts.

Earlier this year I ordered another, much less expensive airbrush to use for make up, and other little things.  It was only forty dollars, so I figured if I can use, and clean this one, I’d start using the good one.  I’ve used it several times on make up, but I can never get it cleaned the way I think it should be.  Now it’s starting to get sluggish, and  work off and on.

This led me to  take it apart and really give it a good cleaning.  I so carefully placed all parts in the order they were removed, and guess what?   Now they won’t go together properly!

I knew it!

That is precisely why I was afraid of the expensive one.   After asking everyone I know if they had any clue at all as to how it goes together, I went to YouTube and found a “How To Video.”   The video is great, but it is showing the Iwata, and I’ve got a I-want-to-be-a!. 

Although I did get it back together ——with one exception—-there’s this little part!  This  piece puts pressure on the trigger.  It fell out before I noticed exactly where it came from, and now it won’t go back  in place.  The video shows putting it in, but this gun isn’t the same gun, and it won’t play nice with me.   I have to find someone who has taken them apart before, and maybe can help me figure out how to put that one part in properly.

I’m sure you’ll hear more on this subject, because I still haven’t found anyone that can help.   The mystery continues!

Thursday Time Out For Art

God of Wine

God of Wine

God of Wine abstract painting I completed several years ago.  Before I even had it off it easel,  friends of ours came over for wine and cheese one evening, saw the painting, and purchased it right off the easel.

If I remember correctly, this was another watercolor, however I also use acrylic inks that look exactly the same when finished.  Somewhere off to the left are a bottle, and grapes. (This is where you have to visualize.)

Much of my inspiration comes from Zebra Design & Destination, although this time it was my muse that walked me to the finish line.