New Beginnings


Todays post is a repost from a friend who owne’s Big Sky Lavender Farms with her husband, and brother-in-law in Montana.
When I read her news letter, it impressed me so much, I had to repost it. I hope it moves you the same way it moved me.

Each week I begin again. I sit down to write this newsletter with an idea or thought I’d like to share and where I end up is usually not where I think I’m going. (Basically, life:)
This week I’m writing about new beginnings. Partly because of what’s been happening in our world lately, but also because I believe we start everyday with a clean slate. A chance to begin again.
I didn’t know 2 years ago when my brother-in-law invited my husband to grow lavender as a business, I would end up moving back to Montana. This place I called home until I was 21, but hadn’t lived in for 30 years. 
I didn’t know after selling a business we owned for 27 years, I would take what I learned from having a traditional store front business and use it to create an online business, something we had never done before.
I’ve learned about the application process to get into farmer’s markets, craft shows and festivals to sell our products. Again, something totally new for me.
Everyone involved in starting the lavender farm is in their early to mid fifties. We all made a choice to begin again, starting a business none of us had ever done before.
(I will say, becoming a lavender farmer in your fifties is probably not the easiest career choice you can make, but there you go. Live & learn:)
Farming is hard work, but when you’re invested in the health and well-being of 2500 baby lavender plants, you learn quickly.
For instance, weeds love to grow under the weed mat you put down to prevent weeds. It turns out it’s a great place for them to get away from the sun. Who knew?

Anyway, the long way back to my thought for the week:
If you don’t have a job to go back to, start thinking about new possibilities. That’s my favorite thing! Possibilities open the world up wide for you and show you things you never knew existed.
And don’t you dare tell me you’re too old or too (fill in the blank). I don’t believe it!
If you’re like me, you don’t give yourself enough credit for everything you know and have learned in your lifetime. Write down what life has taught you along with your work experience. It all has value.
Be creative with how you might use it at a new job. Or create your own business! There is so much opportunity in you.
And opportunities come from realizing possibilities that were there all along. We just don’t notice until we need them.

I took a lavender picture  last week. The babies are 2 years old and it’s hard to believe in 6 weeks or so they’ll be in full bloom and bigger than the plants on the right.
They already know their full potential, they just haven’t reached it yet. But everyday, they grow and expand into their full, beautiful selves.
Everyday you have the potential to grow into your full, beautiful self. The self that lives life everyday, to the best of your ability, virus or not.
Everyday, look for the new possibilities and opportunities that already exist inside you. Even if you don’t know what you want, you’ll figure it out. I can see it happening already.
Well, my words wandered in ways I could never foresee. But never mind. They end exactly as they’re meant to.
 And I’m just as surprised as anyone else.

We met a customer this past weekend who told us how much our Magnesium Cream has helped her daughter’s growing pains.
She rubs it on her daughter’s legs before she goes to bed and the magnesium helps relieve all her aches and pains. The lavender in the cream also helps her get a better night’s sleep.
If you have sore muscles or leg cramps, feel anxious, have trouble sleeping, or all of the above, our Magnesium Cream is the key to you feeling better.
Rub it on your arms or legs before you go to sleep and the magnesium does it’s job while your body rests.

Big Sky Lavender Farms is located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley, just south of Missoula, Montana. We make all natural, healthy products to help you live your best life today. 
Share the love and share the lavender. 

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