The Invisible Fence


‘The memory is a living thing – it too is in transit. But during the moment, all that is remembered joins and lives – the old and the young, the past…

The Invisible Fence

Lisa it’s been so long since I have red one of your amazing stories. I’ve missed them. I posted for the first time in over two years this last Monday. If you get a chance to read it you’ll understand. Many blessings to you. Karen

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  1. My dear Karen! I HAVE seen – and read your other two posts and was so happy to find you back in the blogging world – even if it’s for a few smoke signals then quiet again!

    Your last post – wow! Double Wow! So much there, and it’s all good — great — and I wish I were there with you to have long discussions.

    My laptop battery, tired from years of using wifi at cyber ops, is now going dead really fast, so I am on line for even shorter sessions these days. Thank goodness most pages stay on the screen, and I read them at home. That’s how I enjoyed the last two – but then without a way to give you a thumbs up.

    I will be back online most likely tomorrow/Friday — if not on Saturday and will post this (if it remains on the screen!)

    Writing off line from home and will send it soon,


    • Lisa I much appreciate your feedback. I don’t get much on this end. But it really means a lot. I’m doing a lot of meditating these days, & I’m being told to write. With all the negative in the world, I feel my job is to send love & lift others with thoughts & ideas. I hope your feeling well, I think about you frequently. One day our paths will cross. Much love to you, Karen ❤️


      • These are challenging times, and I think that the ultra-sensitive ones feel it strongest.. We feel the undercurrents of all around us – and even from afar. Yes, uplift the spirits and help people to stay postive! You do it well!


      • You are very kind. It’s true I feel called to uplift people as best I can, sometimes it feels right. Sometimes I feel I need to be quiet. Thank you for reading my blog ❤️❤️❤️


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