Trick or Treet


img_0192That’s what they say!   Some kids even say thank you when given candy!   Some don’t!   Weather they haven’t been taught, or they are just to excited to remember, I can’t say.  On the behalf of all kids, they could just be so excited they want to get to the next house in hopes of scoring loads of good candy!  Do homes even give out good candy?  Or….are the houses that give out the good stuff friends of the parents whose kids are at the door?

These are questions I’ve always wondered about.


When my kids were little, there would be certain people in the neighborhood we knew that would reserve good candy for our kids.  We just gave out decent candy to everyone.  Most of the time one of us would have a Halloween Party for the kids that played together so they wouldn’t be out trick-or-treating many blocks away.  Bad things were happening then too!

As my kids grew up, and started having kids of their own, I started making cards to celebrate Halloween for each of them.  For years I would work on ATC’s, this year it’s tags. I still have more to make, and when their finished, I pick the ones that best fit each of my grandchildren.

The ATC’s at the bottom are from years past.  Maybe it will give you some new ideas, or maybe you could email me with your ideas. Either way I’m happy to share.

IMG_2466 copy

img_2878 img_2877 img_2876

Happy Halloween everyone…..

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