Thursday Time Out For Art


IMG_1043 (1)

Last Tuesday I talked about creativity, and where and how to get it.  Today I want to show you this painting and explain a little about it.

We all get inspiration in different ways, we work in different ways, and on different schedules.  One of the things I do is to put medium weight clear plastic over the tables in my studio.  This is in part to protect the tables from paint and anything else I’m working with.  My son Chris, has a different set up.  In his studio he uses saw horses to hold a large piece of wood something like masonite.  It stands higher than regular saw horses so he doesn’t have to bend and lean over his work.

One day when I changed out the plastic on my tables I realized that the other side is a work of art.  It looked like the best abstract I had ever created, and it won’t be a surprise to anyone that I save them all.  Chris of course, just paints on his wood and doesn’t care if it gets paint on it.  One day recently he cleaned up his studio, looked at the paint board, and had to show me.  This painting is part of that board, and I like it!  You couldn’t do that if you tried, and that brought me to thinking about putting canvas down instead of plastic.  So that’s my next experiment, and I’m pretty sure Chris won’t be far behind.

Has anyone else thought of that, and if so, I’d love to see what ever that creativity has brought to you.

Much of my inspiration has been brought to me by Zebra Design & Destination,  check them out when you get a chance.


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