Good Morning Tuesday



Today is a beautiful day for art! Even if it’s raining, or cold and icy, it is always a beautiful day to paint!

I ‘ve been dabbling a little in art, and I’m starting to get re-inspired once again. Unfortunately, I have dry spells. As I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m having a dry spell, this is the obvious, and what I’ve come to realize is the demise of my creativity.
It has been a while since I’ve taken any trips or visited a museum. With winter, and cold wet weather, come hibernation. I guess I’m not only a Goldie Locks Girl, but I tend to hibernate like a bear the minute we have a time change, it starts getting dark early, and winter sets in for real. This is not beneficial to any artist, but particularly not to me.

We all need creative energy, and although it has been the topic of many conversations, where do we get that creativity?  I tend to hunker down at home the minute it gets dark, and in all fairness by the afternoon I get tired and run out of energy.  At that point, vegging out seems the best option.  If I cook, it needs to be started early so I haven’t any choice but to finish for dinner.  If I paint, that too needs to stop by around three in the afternoon.  Three seems to be the vegging hour for me.  I can get quit a lot finished between the hours of nine in the morning and three in the afternoon.

My husband Les and I have been talking about vacations this year, and one of the places I love going to is Yosemite National Park.  There is something about connecting with nature in a forest of huge ancient trees that washes away all the stress and dirt from the big city.  Walking amongst the trees, listening to wildlife, finding little treasures like leaves that inspire, or  a branch that has fallen, walking in the streams, and visiting a meadow with deer grazing is what I need to replenish my creative energy.  There are other things also that help with creativity, like a gallery or museum, heck it all helps.  But, hunkering down in a heated hark house away from people, and places doesn’t do it!


My blogging has been sporadic lately, and not what I had anticipated, but I’ve been blogging now for three plus years, and even if I’m on vacation, my blog has gone out  five days a week.  I don’t want to give up my blog, nor do I want to give up creating.  Not surprisingly, I want to paint, and cut back on my blog for now.

I’m still here, I’m just busy creating a masterpiece!  As a friend once told me, it’s never going to hang in La Louvre!   I laugh because years ago I was in sales, traveling sales one might say.  Each day of the week I had a large handful of clients to visit, and supply them with product for their hair salons.  What I haven’t told you is that I was driving a truck stocked with all kinds of products that the clients used on a daily basis.  Isn’t life a journey?

I loved being able to be on the side lines of the beauty business, and will always miss the people, the smell of the products,  and the exhaustion of the tight schedule that took me all over San Diego, and into Temecula in Riverside County.  This story I tell you because creativity comes from everywhere, and manifests in many ways.  I didn’t have time or energy in those days to paint, but I was creative in the way I helped the cosmetologists, and store owners.


I leave you today with the idea that we all need to go places, and do things that will inspire us, and fill us  up with creativity.  Even a walk maybe on the beach to breathe in clean fresh air is a big part of energizing. A hike in the mountains, down a path, or in a meadow.  Where ever it is, I wish you much happiness, and creativity on your own journeys.


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