‘Twas The Night Before Christmas….

Our Christmas Wreath

Our Christmas Wreath

When all through the house,

Only Kramer was stirring, in hopes of a mouse!

The socks were placed in the dryer to dry, desiring warm feet, as we waited by it’s side.

Daisy was nestled all snug on our bed, while visions of frolicking dancing in her head.

Les in his boxers, and I in my Tee, had just settled in for some really good TV.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, we sprang up to see just what was the matter.

The moon on the ground shown the drenching of rain, it’d been pouring for days with much to be gained.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear, a miniature sleigh, and two mechanical deer.

It all worked in sequence, with lights blinking fast, a Santa with presents, set up on the grass!

The names of the reindeer we couldn’t make out, as hard as we tried to figure it out,

One had to be Rudolph with his nose shinning bright, the other was Comet sitting just out of sight!

Off to the kitchen to make us some tea, we’ll eat a few cookies, while we watching TV.

The Emery's Tree

The Emery’s Tree

Counting the days ’till we open the gifts,

In our heads we knew it was the right thing to wish,

Nolan's Tree

Nolan’s Tree

Everyone, “A Merry Christmas,” and a warm cozy night!

With Christmas right around the corner, shopping finished, and only a few presents left to be wrapped, it’s finally time to kick back and take a deep breath! Every year I think I’m going to cut my shopping in half, and then I see things someone wants, or needs, and I just can’t help myself!

This year, as almost every year I was really a bad girl, and all my shopping, with little exception of  came from the internet!  I’m not proud (maybe I am just  little), I thought I was incredibly clever to be able to pull this off – shopping without leaving the office, sometimes even in my PJ’s! The only thing better than ordering from Amazon, is if Santa himself dropped them down our chimney all wrapped and ready to go. Wait a minute, we don’t have a chimney! Scratch that… I would leave a key under the mat if Santa would do that for me!

Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas. May the time spent with friends and family be magical.  I wish everyone good health, warm nights, safe travel,  and a happy New Year!

Good Night my friends, until next year…….

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