Since every Mixed Media Artist  likes to incorporate “Mixed Media” into their work.  I’m no different, punching my paintings with just about anything I can think of.  It could be metal, threads,  papers, etc.

I’ve been working on deli wrap papers to paint, stamp on, cut up, tear up, and anything else I could think of.  It’s the kind of prep work that numbs your mind, but has to be done.


It isn’t finished yet, but the inspiration came from a few samples of fabric I found, and a pile of yarn.

Fabric samples

Fabric samples

What to do with the yarn?  Well I was thinking of making the yarn serve as texture…..  I guess I have a problem with adding things to make texture.  I will try it,  but at the moment I couldn’t tell you exactly where to put it, or what painting to use it on.

IMG_0889 IMG_0894


Oh so much fun, but so little time!



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