Flipping’ Friday


Sharing this little video has taken me …..forever to get!

The weather has either been getting hot in the mornings, or we are caged in the house because heat, and humidity have been so bad that we have to close up early to avoid as much as possible.  The dog and cat usually play in the living room, and it’s too dark to get a good picture in there.  This morning they stepped it up, and followed us out to the patio where we were having morning coffee.

It’s so cute to see our Pitt Bull, Daisy playing with Kramer the Bengal cat.  One would think Daisy would have an advantage being that “Pitt Bulls are vicious and all!”  And then there is Kramer who doesn’t have any front claws……

But,  “NO”

Kramer is the most aggressive and hasen’t any trouble ruling the roust.  Yet they are our loving companions, and I can’t even imagine our home without both our cat, and dog.  They are our babies….the four legged, fur covered babies, that we look forward to being greeted by when we arrive home.  We think about them, and worry about them when we are away, and can’t wait to curl up with when we arrive back home.

It’s a perfect family, and it’s our perfect little family!

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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