Thursday Time Out for Art

Part of my studio, the organized part!

Part of my studio, the organized part!

Is there anything you just can’t live without……..Concerning your craft.  It may be writing, or music, or painting, or cooking.  Each of us has something that they are passionate about.  For me, it’s my art!  And the very thing I love is the very thing that gives me grief.  Do I need to come outside the box more? Probably!

What I can’t live without….. is my art!


Within the thing I love, I have a few things I can’t live without.  An artist  might say it’s gesso, or a particular color. A musician might say, it’s their chosen instrument, or a particular piece of music.  They might even say it’s their creativity that makes them stand out in a crowd.  It really is our own individual creativity that makes us stand out!

I think we could all say, when their muse takes a vacation, they are on vacation also.


IMG_0703What would you say is the one or two things they can’t live without?  Your piano, your journals,  that luscious shade on Indian yellow, or even Marigold?   Marigold is one of my favorites, along with Quinacridone Purple.  Gorgeous!

And still I struggle….

Isn't this color gorgeous?

Isn’t this color gorgeous?

Recently I’ve noticed that I’m all backed up……creatively speaking that is.  I go through this a lot, and I don’t like it, not one little bit!  Maybe I need to go to some galleries, or take a walk on the beach.  We all need energy, and creativity flowing in and out all the time.  I’ve been lazy this summer.  The heat and humidity really took its toll, and I have air conditioning.  Not a good excuse for the Goldie Locks Girl that I am.  Maybe I should say I have had things on my plate, and it wasn’t paint!What is it, and how obsessed are you?

For inspiration visit Zebra Designs & Destinations…they are the proud sponcers of Thursday Time Out for Art!

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