Thursday Time Out For Art

Snake Skin going into jar for tanning.

Snake Skin going into jar for tanning.

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about how my daughter and myself skinned a snake.   Many of you were probably repulsed by this, and I certainly understand that.  I have a good handful of friends that are terrified of snakes for various reasons.  Our society hasn’t helped this stigma about snakes, making it difficult to get over.

My kids have all had snakes while growing up, and since they have never scared me, it made it easy for me to say they could have them.  I did draw the line on spiders… I thought.   Eventually, my son did talk me into a South American Red Kneed Tarantula, and I learned to appreciate it, but never fell in love with it.

Never was named

Never was named

Most recently, in August my son bought a Blood Python, and the snake was fascinating, and very beautifully marked.  But, right from the time Chris brought him home, he didn’t act right, and it didn’t take longer than a month to go downhill and die.  Chris has had many snakes, some of which people would bring to him and the snake would be  very ill. Chris has always been able to bring them back, and get them healthy.  But, not this time, and we all felt terrible.

The skin was so beautiful that Chris decided to save the it.  He called many places to try and find somewhere that would skin, and tan a skin without having any luck.  So after watching YouTube videos, I decided I could do it, and off we went to recruit  my daughter.  (I thought she’s going to love this!)

Snake skin after tanning.

Snake skin after tanning.

It turned out to be very easy, and the entire job only took maybe two hours at best.  I had thought it would take an entire day.  We were quite successful, and I might say very proud of ourselves.  Scratch that off our Bucket List!

Almost the full length on the skin.

Almost the full length on the skin.

Two weeks later this is what we have.  A beautiful self skin that is well-preserved, perfectly tanned, and ready to take its place on whatever Chris has chosen for it.  Originally it was a guitar strap….we’ll see.

I know this isn’t my usual post for a Thursday, but after all I would consider the color and markings God’s Art!

Zebra Design & Destinations is an inspiring Blog,sponcers Thursday’s post,  and  I’d like you to check them out.

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