Fun With Bits & Pieces


IMG_0552 (2)

Sometimes we just have to pull back, and find another way to create and have fun!

When I get bottled up and can’t find a way out,  creating on a small-scale is just the thing!



Greeting cards in a store feel so impersonal, & never say the right thing, so my own cards seem perfect.  Now I realize many people don’t send cards any longer,  heck they don’t even know how to R.S.V.P.  Sadly, that means to Reply, even if you’re not going to whatever you’ve been invited to.  After a while we just simply won’t invite you any more.   But this post isn’t about bad manners!

On Wednesdays, I get together  with a group of ladies who sit  and create, but my creations are usually on a larger scale, and lugging them around is a drag.  So I take things I can do on the run.  Things that don’t take a lot to carry or use paint on.  Simpler things…..

IMG_0550 (3)

These little things would be greeting cards.  Some would say to themselves,  “what are greeting cards?”  This in part is because of text messaging, and electronic devices of all kinds.  I don’t tweet,  just can’t seem to figure out why I’d need to!  That makes me a dinosaur.

Sometimes one or two of the girls have fun pitching in and putting left over pieces together, and sometimes they all have their own things to work on, but whatever happens, we always have fun.

There is nothing like sharing creative energy!

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