Laborday Weekend

Work in progress

Work in progress

I offer you my apologies for slipping the last couple of weeks. Les and I had a four-legged house guest a few weeks ago, and I didn’t realize it at the time, but having a puppy around the house really was tiring. We haven’t had a puppy in maybe twenty years…….I had forgotten how demanding they are.



The puppy and our dog Daisy had a fantastic time together, and are now quite lost by themselves.  But you know how it is with a couple of young kids, they have to be watched all the time.  Two dogs is exactly the same!

Daisy & Patch

Daisy & Patch

The couple of weeks that have followed have thrown me, and admittedly, I have neglected my blogging obligations!  I really love to blog, and sometimes my blogs are more interesting to write, sometimes I struggle.  I’m sure it is probably the same for everyone.  Then there are the times a few days pass, I’ve been extremely busy, and before I know it, someone asks me about my blog, and I realize I’ve forgotten to write.

This post was supposed to be a quick…


This weekend my husband has concerts, and rehearsals for the concerts, so I’m going to take this time and paint.  Alone and quiet in my studio, I’ll turn on my iPod full of Artsie Fartsie Painting Music, and get out the paints and brushes, scrapers, and drippers…  I’ll be rockin’ to the music, and totally in my right brain.  My phone will be turned off, I’ll forget to eat anything, I won’t answer the door, and won’t stop to have coffee……and I won’t starve either.   

This is my happy time, and I’m loving it.  Life is good!

Have a fun weekend everyone…

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