Why Ecuador is, “Home”


I loved the passion with which this blog was written, and wanted to pass along his to my bloggers. It is my hope that you enjoy this description of how we could be living in a different kind of society. Enjoy!

Living It Up in Ecuador

Mary and I have lived in Ecuador now for almost four years. We’re to the point where we almost feel like foreigners when we travel to the United States to visit family. On our recent trip to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida we were asked many times if we felt more “at home” in the United States or in Ecuador. Without hesitation Mary and I both answered, “Ecuador!”

But, how can that be? What is it about living in Ecuador that so appeals to us?


Yesterday morning I was talking with a friend named Ken about this very subject. He said that he tells people that it is impossible to describe the feeling of living here and that one must come and experience the feeling themselves. That is probably true, but we thought that we would try to do the impossible and tell you what it feels like to live in our…

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Welcome to Stone Soup with Karen Samenow. I named my blog Stone Soup because it's a little of everything. You may find art or music, or inspiration. I'm an artist, a spiritual medium, and I'm always learning more and exploring. I hope you find us interesting.

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  1. a double PS : I see that we have a mutual friend, Lisa ( time out for art) and on another note we’ll be in your neck of the woods in November for a wedding. Two times back to the US all with-in 6 months, hard to be away that long from our home in San Clemente EC


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