Thurdsay Time Out For Art

 Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

Inspired by my first rooster FogHorg-LegHorn, who lovingly woke us up each morning about 4:30am.  We had to be up shortly after that anyway, and we did live in the country……he never seemed to be a problem to anyone.

I’m sure early farmers trained roosters to crow at 4:30am, so they could get a start on their day….It worked!

After painting FogHorn, and loving him in his own simple form, I decided to have a little talk with him.  He felt that I was simplifying him to much, and he needed to be adorned just a little more.  (Roosters are funny that way!) That’s right, my painting spoke to me!   My solution for all this artist talk was to show a little sunlight on his breast, and put written music on the canvas.  He seemed to be happy with this, and that has made me happy as well.

What do you think?   Is FogHorn singing his song now?

Thursday Time Out For Art is hosted by Zebra Designs & Destinations.  They are located in Equator, and have wonderful posts full or adverture, and inspiration.  Always something different, and interesting.

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