Thursday Time Out For Art

Art Day

Art Day


Last week my granddaughter Sage came to stay….for all of 6 days!  Knowing she is 9, made me try harder than ever to keep her interested, and do things she would have fun with.

We started off the first evening with grilled cheese sandwiches, and watched movies of her choice all evening.  The next day she mentioned how tired she was.



Now we are on the second day, and I had a lot to live up to, so we went to lunch….Sushi, and  the movie theatre.  I remember seeing the title, “Inside Out.”  After that I feel asleep for a while. Wow I didn’t have any idea that a popcorn, two medium sodas, and a small bag of Starbursts would cost $15.00.  It’s only money right?  And Sage doesn’t come to visit often.

The third day Sage again mentioned that she was exhausted trying to keep up with me.  Laugh Out Loud,  do you know how much energy it takes to keep up with a nine-year old?  I’m the one that’s exhausted!


Onward, and upward…the next day we headed out to the Rack because, Sage loves to shop with grandma, and what nine-year old would give up the idea of going shopping with a Grandma that pays for everything?  She was determined to find a pair of boots!  I tried to remind her that it is summer, and she lives in a particularly hot place, but you know how we girls are.  When we make up our minds, well….you know how this is going to end?  Sage found a pair of Heelies that lit up, and she was a happy camper.

We ended our day by going to dinner at Rubio’s.



Sage was thrilled, and I just kept thinking how could I not be cooking healthy foods?  I didn’t cook one meal for her the entire time she was here.  If you are thinking… hay granny, what about the grocery store?   I’m here to tell you I did that, we brought home peach yogurt, fresh peaches, and an entire shopping cart full of goodies.  Healthy goodies from Trader Joe’s, so that was a good decision right!

Waterfall to the Koe pond

Waterfall to the Koi pond

Next day we visited Auntie Barbara, and Auntie Maria.  We checked out the fabulous vegetable garden, the beautiful flowers, and watched the Koi as they lazily swam in the pond.

Auntie Barbara's Koi pond

Auntie Barbara’s Koi pond

What more could she  ask of me?  I think that might have been pizza night, I’m a little foggy from here on out.


I had forgotten how messy kids are.  We had slippers on the end tables, and every table in the livingroom had some piece of clothing, or art project on it.  The house was a mess, but Sage only comes once in a while, and if it isn’t going to make a difference in 100 years, why bother!

IMG_0292 (2)


The following day…..Sage, and I went to visit Aunt Shawna, and Sage’s cousin Nolan.  The cousins love each other, and Shawna and I were happy to be able to have an adult conversation.   Although, our eyes were glazed over, and we didn’t do a lot of  talking.  The kids entertained themselves at the pool,  as we discussed what a great investment swimming lessons had been!


The newest invention...

The newest invention…

Once we got back to the house, dried off the kids,  we  send them outside with water balloons.  Then the fun began! OK, It wasn’t long before we realized they were at the end of balloons, together we decided to give them tempera paint to make handprints all over the sliding door.  

What fun!

IMG_0302 (1)

There was red paint everywhere, and my wonderful daughter-in-law cleaned up everything.  Here is a picture of the of the cousins just beginning to put their stamp on the patio.


And here is a picture of what they looked like after they finished painting themselves red…..

On the last day, Sunday  – the energy level of us both was quiet, and while I prepared for the family to come for a BBQ, Sage laid  around with Daisy reading, and playing with dolls.


I’m still trying to put my house back together, and just as I think things are looking pretty good, I find more out-of-place art supplies, or something similar that was hidden in plain sight.

A fun week was had by all, and the next time I am asked if they can come and stay with Grandma, and Papa…….my answer would be,

“Of Course You Can!”

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    • It seemed like a good idea at the time, and the kids did have a great time. Summer vacation is made of memories…. however, it was difficult to clean up. There was red tempra paint everywhere! Glad you enjoyed the post.


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