Coming Out of The Fog!

It's too warm.....

It’s too warm…..

As the weather warms up, I’m warming up as well.  I have ideas!  Ideas for painting,  decorating, gardening, and ideas for fashion.  It’s been important for me to stay away from stores in general.  Everything except grocery stores, and that seems to be just as dangerous.  (I love to shop, especially if it is for me.)

My tomato, and bell pepper plant are growing big. The cilantro,has decided to throw in the towel, and  be compost.  The  celery along with a new organic parsley plant  are  growing quite well.  This gives me hope that they too will survive.


The lawn, well we have stopped watering the lawn altogether.  The drought has pushed us into a brown lawn, maybe brown dirt is a better way to describe it.     It takes a lot of work, and a huge amount of water to keep our lawn green and healthy looking.  Then….. there is Daisy, our dog!  She is helping make the decision to eliminate grass.  Between the drought and Daisy, our lawn doesn’t stand a chance.  Although I have wanted to do something different with that area for a long time, anything I want to do isn’t affordable!

All the other plants are fine.  We have just about totally replaced water guzzling plants with drought tolerant plants,  and anything that doesn’t live around here,   will get replaced with a boulder!

They don’t take much time, or water…..they just sleep a lot!

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