Thursday Time Out For Art


IMG_3510After an exciting week last summer in Sante Fe, New Mexico with

Cathy Carey, my inspiration, and creative energy has taken off.  There is nothing like saturating oneself in creative energy!

My studio has been filled with talking paintings.  Some are not just whispering a few words, some are screaming to me.  So I’ve been trying out various and unintended styles just to see what will happen.

This painting was started in very neutral tones, and stenciled in two corners. I didn’t have any idea what would be next until I decided to do a little abstract.  After roughly sketching out a person, and throwing in some color, this is what I have…..

Maybe I’ll do something larger next time, or push the limits even farther.  Bob Burridge always says, “If you find yourself not knowing where to go next, make a sharp left turn, and keep going!”  Wise words to an artist, don’t you think?


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