To Clean or Not To Clean?


Several years ago my husband heard me say I wanted an airbrush.  So for Christmas he bought me an Iwata Airbrush, and compressor which I love.  The problem is he spent so much money on it, I’ve been terrified to use it, and even more terrified to take it apart to clean it.  So each year that went by, he re-wrapped it, and surprised me with the same airbrush and compressor.  After about four years, the joke got a little stale, and he had to let it go. But a couple of years ago, he re-wrapped it again, and I figured I’d better do something positive, or he’d think I didn’t appreciate his efforts.

Earlier this year I ordered another, much less expensive airbrush to use for make up, and other little things.  It was only forty dollars, so I figured if I can use, and clean this one, I’d start using the good one.  I’ve used it several times on make up, but I can never get it cleaned the way I think it should be.  Now it’s starting to get sluggish, and  work off and on.

This led me to  take it apart and really give it a good cleaning.  I so carefully placed all parts in the order they were removed, and guess what?   Now they won’t go together properly!

I knew it!

That is precisely why I was afraid of the expensive one.   After asking everyone I know if they had any clue at all as to how it goes together, I went to YouTube and found a “How To Video.”   The video is great, but it is showing the Iwata, and I’ve got a I-want-to-be-a!. 

Although I did get it back together ——with one exception—-there’s this little part!  This  piece puts pressure on the trigger.  It fell out before I noticed exactly where it came from, and now it won’t go back  in place.  The video shows putting it in, but this gun isn’t the same gun, and it won’t play nice with me.   I have to find someone who has taken them apart before, and maybe can help me figure out how to put that one part in properly.

I’m sure you’ll hear more on this subject, because I still haven’t found anyone that can help.   The mystery continues!

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  1. i remember when i bought my first ten-dollar sheet of 300# Arches paper. i stared at it for months, and i feared i would ruin it. now after thousands of hours of painting, i look at a new blank sheet of anything and think, ‘oh boy!’

    i would probably have feared that lovely airbrush as well! i’ve never used one, so – sorry, i can’t offer any solutions. 😦 z


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